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A campaign of the ANSWER Coalition
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The case for seizure

Read 10 Critical Facts About the Oil Spill

Fishers looking for work
BP's recklessness hit the fishing industry hard,
leaving thousands searching for work and depriving
their families of a source of income.

Dead seagull
The environmental impact of the BP-engineered
disaster will be felt for decades to come.

By any number of economic, social and moral requirements, the assets of BP should be seized and used to provide comprehensive compensation and relief for those who have lost their jobs and whose livelihoods, homes and communities have been severely harmed or destroyed, and to clean up and restore the environment.

Learn the legal basis underlying a call for seizure.

Seize BP or Boycott BP?

By seizing BP's assets and putting those funds in a trust, the people who have lost their jobs and livelihoods can be provided immediate and ongoing comprehensive compensation and relief. BP's assets in the amount of $10 billion should be seized immediately as a first installment to begin to pay for damages.

A boycott of BP, however well intentioned, seeks to deplete BP's assets as a form of financial punishment and an expression of protest for its criminally negligent actions in the Gulf of Mexico.

Understand why we say "Seize BP."

Which Road Will Lead to Justice?

There are three roads, or options, by which compensation can be provided for those who have been harmed from the BP oil disaster.

The first path, or option, is the BP claims process whereby BP determines what to cover and how much to pay.  The second path is through the courts, where people can file litigation and lawsuits against BP.

There is, however, a third option: the seizure of BP’s assets.

Find out where each road leads.

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