March 17, 2007
Global day of action on the 4th anniversary of the war!

on Sat., March 17

San Francisco,
Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, and other cities.

On March 17, 2007 the ANSWER Coalition and other anti-war organizations in the U.S. and all over the world will be taking to the streets to mark the fourth anniversary of the start of the "shock and awe" invasion of Iraq. The ANSWER Coalition is calling for mass demonstrations in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago and other cities and towns throughout the United States as anti-war actions take place throughout the world on this global day of action. The ANSWER Coalition urges that everyone in the antiwar movement come together in unity against the criminal actions of the U.S. government.

Stop the war against the Arab people: From Iraq to Lebanon to Palestine!

LA AntiwarThe Bush administration is engaged in a non-stop war against the Arab people. Although this war constitutes one of the great crimes of the modern era it will continue unabated unless the people act. The politicians of both parties either embrace or acquiesce to the U.S. drive for conquest, as bodies mount and the slaughter reaches shocking proportions.

The war in Iraq has reached genocidal proportions. 655,000 Iraqis are dead as a consequence of the U.S. invasion and occupation of their country (Lancet medical journal reporting Johns Hopkins University study 10/06). Cities are bombed to rubble, homes and neighborhoods destroyed, families massacred throughout the Middle East. The U.S. has funded and supported the massive Israeli bombing of Lebanon.  Likewise, the bombings, targeted assassinations and economic strangulation of the West Bank and Gaza are choking the Palestinian people which even the UN acknowledges is a "humanitarian crises," while hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are still denied the right to return to their homes and villages. Elsewhere in the Middle East, the U.S. Air Force and Navy are preparing for aggression against Iran, sending commandos, armaments and vessels to the area.

This is a war for Empire. It is the reality of modern day imperialism operating under the slogan the "war on terrorism." This juggernaut is not only set on consuming the Middle East alone. The U.S. government is engaged in military intervention and threats, terrorism, and economic warfare against the people of Cuba, North Korea, the Philippines, Haiti, Sudan and Venezuela.

No new Korean War!

The Bush administration's policies are now threatening a new war on the Korean peninsula. While we join with people everywhere in seeking to end the scourge of nuclear weapons once and for all, we recognize that North Korea is not a "threat." This is an example of U.S. war propaganda. It is the U.S. government that has detonated 1,232 nuclear bombs since 1945. Two whole cities -- Hiroshima and Nagasaki -- were incinerated by U.S. atomic weapons. The U.S. possesses 16,000 nuclear weapons today and is endlessly carrying out mock invasions and mock bombing campaigns of North Korea. Having been cast as part of the "Axis of Evil," North Korea has felt compelled to resume a nuclear program that it had earlier frozen.

Bring the troops home now!

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We need to raise tens of thousands of dollars now for posters, leaflets, bus rentals, and all the logistical expenses associated with mass assembly protests. We rely on the self-sacrifice and generosity of people in the movement to make this happen. Make a donation to help build these mass anti-war actions.

The Bush Administration is more than happy to send the young people of this country to kill and be killed in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere while at the same time it cuts money for education and reduces veterans benefits. More than 2,700 U.S. soldiers have been killed in Iraq and the number of severely wounded is in the tens of thousands. These soldiers should have never been sent and all soldiers should be brought home now.

Defend civil liberties -- fight for social and economic justice!

On March 17 we will also be demonstrating against Bush and Congress' war against freedom of speech, civil liberties and civil rights at home. We will oppose racial and religious profiling and the targeting of the Muslim and Arab community in the United States. We will condemn the government's surveillance and warrantless wiretaps of the people and Bush and Congress' assertion of imperial presidential authority to jail anyone without charge. We will demand the shut down of Guantanamo torture facilities (as has been declared by the United Nations) and other secret prisons and torture centers.

The war for Empire is a rich man's war. Working and poor people in the United States are experiencing massive cuts in social services, high taxes to pay for the bloated military budget, assaults against our unions and decent wage paying jobs, the illegal elimination of pension funds by the new corporate robber barons, severe cuts in public education, and the ongoing racist neglect as evidenced by the destruction and usurpation of the neighborhoods of New Orleans.  Racism is ever present in the government's policy towards immigrant workers whose labor is super exploited while the laborers are subject to raids, imprisonment and deportations.

Republican and Democratic leadership support "warfare state"

The U.S. Senate voted 94-3 in favor of the new half-trillion dollar 2007 "war budget." While some Democratic politicians complain about Bush's management of the war, there is near-unanimous support for the war budget.

Both parties demagogically campaign against the so-called "welfare state," while functioning as a rubber stamp for a warfare state. Also known as the Military Industrial Complex, the warfare state has become a central priority of corporate elites and the two political parties that are firmly under their control. It is an essential part of the war for empire, that destroys the financing of education, housing, health care, child care, and all the other programs vitally needed by the people.

Hundreds of thousands of people will take to the streets on March 17 throughout the U.S. We will unite against this war for Empire and in support of a society that makes social and economic justice its top priority.

What you can do right now

Endorse the March 17 Global Day of Action. If you will be organizing transportation from your town or city to one of the local mass actions, click here. If you are planning a local action on March 17, click here to share with us the time and location of your event.  

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You can make a tax-deductible today. We need to raise tens of thousands of dollars now for posters, leaflets, bus rentals, and all the logistical expenses associated with mass assembly protests. We rely on the self-sacrifice and generosity of people in the movement to make this happen. Click here to make an online donation or for information on how to send a check.

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