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CUNY students sign up: Queens or Bronx


Thousands take to the streets to demand: U.S. out of Afghanistan and Iraq now!
Report back from March 20 March on Washington

Last-minute update
Your urgent support is needed!

March 20: Stand with the Palestinian People!
An urgent message on repression and resistance taking place Palestine today

If you are in D.C. prior to the 20th ...
... here's how you can help!

March 20: Show Them Why You Are Marching and Make Some Noise!
What you can bring to the March 20 National March on Washington

An appeal to anti-war organizations & activists to oppose the increasing threats against Iran
Statement from Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran

Labor organizations and unions speak out: "Why we're marching on March 20"
U.S. out of Afghanistan and Iraq!

A message from Brian Becker: Urgent alert from ANSWER
ANSWER volunteers hit with felony charges for promoting March 20 action

What you can do on March 20
Several ways to be a part of this important action

United University Professions (UUP) resolution in support of March 20th
"Build UUP participation in the March 20 demonstration in DC as part of the labor contingent"

Anti-war leaders speak out: "Why I'm marching on March 20"
Join the March 20 National March on Washington

World Can't Wait Statement on March 20th demonstration
Join World Can't Wait Saturday, March 20 in protest!

Get on the bus to the March 20 National March on Washington!
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Anti-war and community organizations mobilize for March 20 demonstration
National Council of Arab Americans Statement on March 20th Demonstration

U.S./NATO slaughter of civilians in Afghanistan
All out on March 20!

IVAW and other veterans groups mobilize for March 20 March on Washington
What is needed now is for thousands of people to come into the streets

Powerful Vets Video Promotes March 20 Demonstration
Join veterans and service members as they take to the streets on March 20!

New England mobilizes for March 20 in D.C.!
Almost 400 attend New England regional anti-war conference

We won't sit by ...
Why we're marching on March 20

Get on the bus to the March 20 National March on Washington!
This is a critical time for the anti-war movement

Call for Latin America Solidarity Contingent on March 20
Initiated by the Latin America Solidarity Coalition (LASC)

High school students and teachers speak out: "Why I'm marching on March 20"
Join the March 20 National March on Washington

Veterans, military families speak out: "Why I'm marching on March 20"
Join the veterans, active-duty service members and military families contingent!

March 20th Coalition Planning Committee sets plans for March on Washington
Momentum for National March grows

Call to Action
National March on Washington on Saturday, March 20

Veterans, military families speak out: "Why I'm marching on March 20"
Join the veterans, active-duty service members and military families contingent!

We must immediately raise funds to pay for buses and to print the hundreds of thousands of flyers, stickers and posters needed to spread the word. Please make a much needed donation right now.


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Community leaders and organizers speak out:
“Why I’m marching on March 20”

The Saturday, March 20 demonstration to demand "U.S. Out of Afghanistan and Iraq Now" has been endorsed by over 1,500 organizations and individuals.

Here is what some of the organizations that are mobilizing have to say:

Mahdi Bray

Whether Bush or Obama, when it comes to war and occupation, there’s no difference. It’s the same soup, just a different bowl. The U.S. government is still engaged in a war of empire and occupation. It wages a war against Muslims abroad and at home.

The government spends billions of dollars dropping smart bombs on dumb missions, while the American people go without jobs, homes, health care, and decent, accessible education.

Muslims must unite with those who resist oppression and love freedom and justice. Our strength is in our unity and our resistance. Therefore, we march.

– Mahdi Bray
Executive Director, Muslim American Society Freedom

Mounzer Sleiman, National Council of Arab Americans

The NCA, a fundamental constituent of the anti-war movement, in alignment with other coalition partners, are drawing attention to the massive shift of resources from development and fighting poverty to fund useless wars and destruction. Irrespective of who’s in the White House, the policies have proven to be identical in maintaining a hegemonistic empire. Our community, in particular, is subjected to harsh profiling and alienation policies; but remains determined to fight the source of injustice. …

We call on our Arab-American community, and their friends, to mobilize on March 20th denouncing wars and shifting dire resources, and to tear down the wall of fear and intimidation.

Click here to read the full statement.

– Mounzer Sleiman
Vice Chair, National Council of Arab Americans

Debra Sweet, World Can't Wait

Visible protest—marching to stop the crimes of our government—makes a difference because we show what we won’t accept, and we learn what we’re up against. These wars are not legitimate. People around the world must see that we don’t support them, and know that to us, American lives are not more important than their own.

Join World Can’t Wait Saturday March 20 in protest!

Click here to read the full statement.

– Debra Sweet
National Coordinator, World Can't Wait

Please make an urgently needed donation to support our March 20 student travel fund!

Make a generous donation to help high school students travel to Washington D.C. for the March on Washington. It costs a lot for organizations to rent buses and for individuals to buy tickets to come to Washington, D.C. We are setting up a scholarship fund to help cover the transportation costs for high school students. How much we can provide will be based on how much we raise. Please click here to make a generous donation and help a new generation of activists take their place in today's anti-war movement.

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